Rules for the ScanStar Competition

Scanstar is arranged by Scandinavian Packaging Association - SPA. SPA is cooperated by the central packaging association in each of the five Nordic nations:

* Finnish Packaging Association, Helsinki

* Svenska Förpackings gillet, Stockholm

* Norwegian Packaging Association, Oslo

* Islands Håndværks- og Industriforbund, Reykjavik  

* Danish Technological Institute, Plastics and Packaging Technology, Copenhagen

Entries may be made by the packaging supplier, user, designer or constructor, if approved by the other stakeholders.

Packaging that is designed, produced or marketed in Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden before the competition entry date and that has not been previously entered the ScanStar competition may enter. Packaging ordered and paid for by a Nordic company, may also enter.

The packaging entries will be judged by a jury appointed by SPA consisting of a chairman of the jury and five members. One member represents the Nordic Trade Press. The jury has the right to bring in external expertise. The packaging entries will be judged by the criteria confirmed by SPA. The Jury decision is final and can not be appealed.

The Jury judges the entries from economic, technological and environmental perspectives. The graphic design, manageability, function throughout the supply chain, transportation and handling stress, material savings and economy of the packaging is taken into consideration.

Each contestant can enter an unlimited amount of entries that comply with the completion rules.

Each entry must be sent in three specimens: One filled and two empty.

If you wish to submit packaging containing fresh or frozen products, or packaging with a large foot print, please contact one of the national packaging organizations for appropriate delivery.

An entry form describing in detail each entered packaging product must be sent before 1 June 2021 to the organizer - see under "Practical information".

The packaging itself must be received by 4 June 2021 (see address under "Practical information").

The entry fee is 1,000.- euro for each entry and should be paid on the date set by the organizer. The entry fee can be paid by invoice.

Awarded entries will be assigned a diploma. The winner of the award has the right to apply the ScanStar logo on the awarded packaging and may use the logo on advertising for the packaging.

Winning a ScanStar Award is the only way for Nordic companies to enter the international WordStar competition. Upon request by the competitors, the winning entries may automatically be entered the WorldStar competition.