Vinnere 2012

Her kan du se alle ScanStar vinderne fra 2012 konkurrencen afholdt i Sverige

Scanstar sätter pris på förpackningens värde

Scanstar är en årlig förpackningstavling som instiftades 1969. bakom tävlingen står de fem nordiske ländernas samarbetsorganisation SPA, Scandinavian Packaging Association. Sedan 1991 har över 800 tävlingsbridrag granskats av en professionell jury. Under denna tid har ca. 190 bidrag tilldelats en Scanstar,

Att vinna en Scanstar innebär, förutom att bli honorerad av en nordisk jury, även attm an berättigas attl åta sig granskas av jury med global representation inom ramen för WorldStar. En tävling som arrangeras av WPO, World Packaging Organisation, som är en sammanslutning av världens alla nationella förpackningsorganisationer.

Årest Scanstar kommer att krönas på Scanpacks store scen den 24. oktober. 

Arrangörer för årest tävling ä Intressenföreningen Packforsk i samarbete med Innventia.


Anders Sörås, Ordf. i Scanpackjuryen
VD i Inressenföreningen Packforsk

Årets vinnare är:

Personal alarm

Producent: DS Smith Packaging Finland OY


Simple and efficient solution giving maximum visibility and cost efficient retail handling. The choice of the renewable packaging material gives a natural and fresh consumer perception.

Distribution Package for Fresh Salmon Loin

Producent: Glomma Pack A/S


The cooling system of the solution is considered innovative. The jury liked especially the sustainable approach in replacing mineral oil based EPS with the renewable material. Last, but not least, the new packages offers new communicative features.

Stackable Plastic Pallet

Producent: IPG Intelligent Packaging Group AB


The stackable plastic pallet solution provides environmental and economical advantages through weight/volume reduction as well as storage space.

Display Package for Solvinge Chicken

Producent: Peterson Packaging A/S


Efficient and simple locking mechanism with simple opening function without using tools. The solution has proved functionality; the jury tested the solution by dropping it from 1 meter height and it stayed closed - we were convinced.

Combi Round – a new environmentally friendly concept

Producent: Promens Stilling A/S


Combi Round combines the properties of carton and plastic, which can easily be separated. This solution combines also in a new way the thermoforming of plastic and carton cup converting by providing a new opportunity to reduce use of fossil based materials up to 50 %.

Conical Box for Compressor

Producent: Smurfit Kappa Sverige AB


The solution eliminates damages on the compressor by protecting the very sensitive top parts of it. The conical box eliminates wrong handling by preventing from placing it upside down along the logistic chain. The package is made of completely renewable materials.

Kitchen-Sink Box

Producent: Stora Enso Packaging OY


This is easy to use, simple but effective to erect and the multilayers of corrugated material provides good protection. This responds to the needs of efficient transport, storing and handling along the supply chain.

Tempix Temperature Indicator

Producent: Tempix AB



The indicator has an advanced technological design that only allows the products from an unbroken cooling chain with quaranteed food safety and quality. If the product is exposed in a too high temperature for too long time, the bar code turns unreadable and can not be registered at the cashier.

Tetra Prisma Aseptic 330 ml Square DreamCapTM 26

Producent: Tetra Pak Sverige AB


New innovative cap is developed to correspond to the consumer demands. The functionality and the convenience was tested by Reumatikerförbundet as well as by the jury. Both of them found it meeting the utmost consumer demands.

Expedition Meal

Producent: Flextrus AB in co-operation with Campbell Soup Sweden AB


The new package for expedition meals makes it possibile to keep the food hot during the preparation and the wide opening of the shallow package makes it easy to prepare and eat the food.