ScanStar Student

ScanStar Student is a Nordic packaging competition held by SPA, the Scandinavian Packaging Association. This competition will be organized by each national packaging association in turn in connection with the main competition, ScanStar.

Winning of this competition entitles to an award certificate and will give access for student winners to take part in the WorldStar Student Packaging Competition. Updated rules for the WorldStar Student are published on the competition website.

The Scandinavian Packaging Association will not place the entry to the WorldStar Student Packaging Competition, but the entrant(s) country member of the SPA will do it. The application fee of the WorldStar Student Competition will also be paid by the SPA country member.


  • The competition is organized virtually.
  • The entries will go through an evaluation round, and the applicant(s) will be informed if they have been accepted in the competition.
  • The entries do not need to be in physical form - an app, addition to packaging, logistics or environmental solution is also acceptable. No physical samples will be sent for the judging. 
  • All projects entered must have been designed / completed during the ongoing academic year.
  • Applicants who have graduated within the year of the competition or are studying at the moment of entry will be accepted as students.
  • Only students who study in a Danish, Finnish, Norwegian or Swedish university or university of applied sciences or equivalent institute can apply. Entrants will have to state the name of the university they are enrolled.
  • Each entrant may send more than one entry which fulfills the rules.
  • Entries of groups will be accepted. 
  • The organizers will inform competitors of the schedule of award ceremony.
  • Entry to the award ceremony (virtual and/or physical) is free. All costs related to the winner’s attendance to the award ceremony will be the responsibility of the winners themselves.
  • All entry forms and documentation must be submitted in English.
  • Entrants grant the organizers the right to reproduce their work in their printed and virtual-electronic publications, as well as their websites and all other media, for the promotion of this competition and the organizers.
  • Entrants declare the originality of their design in connection with the registration. SPA and the national packaging association organizing the competition are not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of entrant. Entries without the declaration of originality will not be judged.

Jury 2021

Mikael GällstedtSvenska Förpackningsgillet
Antro Säilä, Finnish Packaging Association
Per Øyvind Nordberg, Norwegian Packaging Association
Søren Østergaard, Danish Technological Institute

Judging criteria

  • New idea / new application
  • Design
  • Protection ability
  • Environment
  • Price / cost savings
  • Ease of use / convenience

Enter the competition!

Ready to register your project to the competition?
Please contact Mikael Gällstedt, mikael.gallstedt (a)
The registration email should include the following information:

  • A short description of the advantage of the entry vs. current solutions (which of the judging criteria above is met and how)
  • Name of the inventors
  • Addresses of the inventors (post addresses and e-mail addresses)
  • Phone number
  • Name of the school/education affiliation the entrants are enrolled
  • Link to the photos (and other presentation materials) of the packaging project

Important dates

Online entries close June 11th 2021
Evaluation round June 30th 2021
Judging the entries August 31st 2021
Results announced September 2021

Questions? Please contact us!

Mikael Gällstedt - mikael.gallstedt (a)

Aino Laine - aino.laine (a)

Per Øyvind Nordberg - per (a)

Søren Østergaard - sos (a)