ScanStar award presentation at Emballasjedagene in Norway 14 November 2019

Thursday, November 14, the ScanStar awards for 2019 were presented at the Packaging Days in Sandefjord, which on this anniversary year had 179 participants

The 11 winners of a ScanStar were already announced a few months ago, but the actual award ceremony took place on the Norwegian Emballasjedagene on November 14-15 in the town of Sandefjord in front of a record audience.
Behind the awards were Packnews and Nordemballage's editor-in-chief Bo Wallteg assisted by Kari Bunes, CEO of the Norwegian Packaging Association and Ole Anton Bakke, packaging manager for the company Jotun and Norwegian representative in the ScanStar jury

editor-in-chief Bo Wallteg presented the winners


Exhibition of the ScanStar winners

The happy winners gathered on the stage