Award presentation in Norway

Eight ScanStar prices were handed out at "Emballasjedagene"

Thursday 3 november the eight nordic companies – two from each country - accept the ScanStar award for their winning products.

The award presentation began at the day programme at 4 pm. of the "Emballasjedagene", and during stage shift the audience was given a glass of sparking content, as it should be at the awards. Accompanied by music the price winners were called to the lit-up stage one by one to receive diploma and flowers.

Allan Dickner, Acting Manager Pacakging Development at Ikea and director Kari Bunes from the Norwegian Packaging Association handed out the awards on behalf of the Scandinavian Packaging Association, which is the association for the nordic packaging orgaisations.


Kari Bunes, Director of the Norwegian Packaging Association


Allan Dickner, IKEA and Claes Petterson; DS Smith


All the Scanstar winnes of 2016 on the stage