Judging criteria

Packaging products may be entered by the following categories

  • Consumer packaging
  • Transport /distribution packaging
  • Other packaging

Choose the aspect your product should be judged by:

  • A new idea /a new application
    Does the packaging show a creative use of a new idea or a new use of traditional idea? Does it represent a major technical improvement, the use of new
    designs, materials or techniques? Does it show the technology transferred from a scope or industry to another application or industry?
  • Protection ability
    Does the packaging provide extra protection with regards to biological, chemical and logistical requirements? Does it provide a description of the protective ability of this packaging. Is the specified test methods themselves aimed adequately to the required need for protection for this use? Does the packaging live up to the test requirements according to the standards?
  • Price/ cost savings
    Are there specific cost savings to be taken into consideration?
    Describe in detail how the cost savings came about for such damage reductions, employee costs, warehousing / storage costs etc. Was lifecycle expanded e.g. for product durability, use, material minimization, increased material strength, etc.?
  • User friendliness
    How is the package filled, opened, reclosed, stored? Can it be used on existing packaging lines? It can be used in the logistics system? Are there new end-user benefits, such as easier handling and storage?
  • Design
    How does the structural and graphic design contribute tor the product image? If it is a redesign, how is the design changed compared to the previous design? What are the significant changes and how do they affect the end user?
  • Environment
    How does the packaging effect the environment? Is it environmentally responsible with regard to recovery and recycling? If the packaging is sustainable?

Print this page as a guide when filling in the entry form