Winners 2014

Here you can see all the ScanStar 2014 winners from the competition organized by Danmark

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Ten packaging stars honored with ScanStar 2014 awards

Praising and laudatory speeches were held, applauding and champagne was poured for the winning manufacturers and their customers during this year's disclosure of the ScanStar 2014 awards at the FoodTech 2014 fair in MCH Herning. 

- We are very pleased and proud of the award, which we had hoped for but knew was difficult because we were up against some tough competitors, said one of the winners, Torben Noer fra RPC Superfossubsequently. 

- It is a huge honor to receive an ScanStar 2014 award that we can use in our marketing, said Hanna Jeppsson, Ecolean. And now we will go home to our company and celebrate the ScanStar 2014 award with our other colleagues - they have all done a great job - and such a price is really motivating them in their future work.

In total, ten solutions from Sweden (1), Finland (2), Norway (3) and Denmark (4) each assigned a ScanStar 2014 award, in addition to the honor and industry recognition it gives the winners the right to use the ScanStar symbol in its marketing of the award-winning packaging. 

- We agreed on looking for packaging solutions that functions optimally throughout the entire logistics chain, while addressing some of the world's great challenges concerning the environment. We have therefore had a particular focus on inclusive / demokratic design and the circular economy, where environment and reusability is in focus, says jury chairman Søren R. Østergaard.

The awards were handed out by the Centre Manager Lars Germann, The DanishTechnologica Institute and Kari Bunes, director of the Norwegian Packaging Association, who is also a member of the Scandinavian Packaging Association. 

ScanStar is a joint Nordic packaging competition, organized by the Scandinavian Packaging Association (SPA). The competition is held in turn by the Nordic countries and this year the Danish Technological Institute, Packaging and Logistics, where coordination responsibe.

Fazer Magic Cube


Product: Fazer Magic Cube

Producer: VG Kvandra Pak AS
Design: Illumination
User: Fazer Konfektyr

Fazer Magic Cube, a new gift packaging for the "magic" praline. It is a playful kaleidoscope with convertible form filled with chocolate. The packaging is an elegant gift to take home from the trip. The packaging is made of cardboard (Carta Solida).

Attracted the largest attention from the jury as a distinct luxury product that arouses curiosity and has an incredible event experience - could also be used for e.g. perfumeA good example of a creative packaging solution that is suitable for brand building. The packaging challenged the jury and was described as 'Best in Show'

 Atria Cold Cuts


Product: Atria Cold Cuts

Producer:  Atria Finland Ltd,
Design: Packdesign ID Finland together with Atria Finland Ltd.
User:  All finnish consumers, who uses cold cuts in their diet.

Thermoformed tray with lid and MAP. The packaging is made of PET / PE plastic. Product information labels are of paper. Opening corner is a key element of this package. It is a whole new way to open thermoformed packaging. The lid has reclosable function, and because it is rigid it will snap on firmly to the tray.

Optimal design has been used to create a good opening and reclosable function with good density. The flap is highlighted through both form and graphic design and the rear has hand gripwhich leaves no doubt about the packaging capacity and thereby creates a safe buying experienceAn example of inclusive design and good for people with rheumatismwhere a minimum 20 mm flap gives maximum tractionThe tray is just made ​​right.

Distribution packaging for TORO Dinner ready fish sauce


Product: D-pakk for stand up bag with Fish sauce, distribution packaging for TORO dinner ready fish sauce

Producer: Peterson Packaging AS
Design: Orkla Foods Norge AS, Toro Elverum og Mari Haugesten (Peterson Packaging)
User: Orkla Foods Norge AS, Toro Elverum

Distribution packaging and and shelf exposure for prepared sauces for fish. Made of corrugated cardboard, coated white E-Flute - 175 Light coated kemilite - 140 R -175 White top.

Simple and functional solution that is not new but perfectly executed: Material-saving, good workmanship, good ergonomics for store employees' use (tear off without a knife) and can see behind-standing box through the hole and with good facing to customers. Can run on existing packaging machinery with a wraparound solution.

DropBucket waste container

Product: Dropbucket waste container

Producer: DS Smith Packaging Denmark
Design: Heiða Gunnarsdóttir Nolsøe, Marie Stampe Berggren
User: Festivals, Events, Fairs

Waste Container for waste collection made ​​of corrugated cardboard. The construction designed pyramid shape provides stability and facilitates emptying.

The iconic shape makes the package appear strong, aesthetically compelling and exudes a good attitude. Is easy to transport and assemble via star base. Coated against moisture / rain and will do well on e.g. a festival. Provides with good facing the possibility of branding. Signals as waster container a significant social responsibility.

HalfMoon TM container for pet food

Product: HalfMoonTM injection moulded container with practical spoon and two-piece insert

Producer: RPC Superfos a/s
Design: Torben Noer/Jérome Mugnier
User: Royal Canin

Packaging for pet food - cat or dog dry food. Used as empty advertising package. At the purchase of three bags of pet food the consumer is offered a HalfMoonTM packaging for storage of the product. Available in three versions: 1) bucket and lid, 2) bucket, lid and spoon or 3) bucket, lid, spoon and insert. Practical, safe and hygienic storage conditions. When traveling the two-piece insert is used for water and food - has practically "non-slip grip" in the bottom.

An appealing shape, which gives both good carrying ergonomic and enables great IML graphics. Is a high-end alternative to e.g. 15 kg bags of animal food, so the bucket can serve as refill. The solution is known from paint bucket, further developed and adapted to a whole new category, and this is done with lots of good user insight. It is an exclusive packaging that gives the customer a high utility value.

SwiftOpen for Castello Alps Selection

Product: CASTELLO ALPS SELECTION SwiftOpen® - Easy open & re-close

Producer: Arla Foods Amba
Design: SwiftOpen ApS and Fuji Packaging GmbH
User: Arla Foods Amba - consumer packaging

Consumer Packaging for yellow cheese with SwiftOpen® easy open and re-close the stand-up pouch format. SwiftOpen® increases the utility of the pack without significant additional costs. SwiftOpen® is added to the foil during the packaging process with the same efficiency as if the function was not added. The packaging is made of foil laminate OPA / PE

The stand-up pouch got many positive words from the jury, who fell for the inclusive design with easy opening and handy re-close. Is a packaging solution that the food industry is happy with and which is doing well on the shelf and that consumers will also like. Consists of only one package part that can run on existing packaging machinery.

MAPET® II packaging for meat, poultry and fish

Product: MAPET® II, packaging for meat, poultry and fish

Producer: Færch Plast A/S
Design: Færch Plast A/S
User: Foodstuff producers of fresh meat, poultry and fish

Food packaging made ​​predominantly from recycled plastic - also called rPET, which is reclaimed plastic bottles. Super transparent material that stands out from the crowd compared to the usual Scandinavian plastic material PP. Consumers can better assess the quality and integrity of the content.

A step in the right direction! Make use of recycled plastic and is therefore in accordance with the requirements of the future circular society. The transparent tray appeals to consumers by presenting the contents in a appetizing and nice way. A complete food packaging with rPET regenerate in the middle of the laminate. The jury looks forward to the food industry making some sustainable choices now, for example by taking this package in use.

Expresso FlipTop for cocoa

Product: Expresso Fliptop

Producer: Maskinpakking AS
Design: Kertin Snarset
User: Fazer in Sweden and Finland, For both 200 grams cocoa and 400 grams cocoa, baking powder and vanilla sugar

Maskinpakking has developed a new solution for the flip-top of Expresso packaging, which is very easy to open and close. The packaging used for all kinds of powder products such as cocoa, baking powder and vanilla sugar. The packaging can be manufactured on the same machinery as before the change, with moderate conversions. The whole packaging is made of one sheet and is, compared with other packages, dust-proof.

The choice of flip-top-feature is an improvement of the existing packaging. Provides better visual presentation after opening and signals something elegant and chic. Adds value to the consumer by looking good on the kitchen table, even after opening. No more cocoa powder in the drawer! Can run on existing packaging machines with no additional cost.

SnapQuick practical re-close mechanism


Product: SnapQuick – a new lightweight, practical re-close mechanism for Ecolean® family size packaging

Producer: Ecolean AB
Design: Ecolean AB
User: Consumers

The new Snap Quick re-close mechanism integrated into packaging. It weighs only 0.5 grams without compromising functionality. It consists of two male and two female buttons and the a hinge. Once you have opened the package and want to close it again, you simply fold the top and give it a light squeeze. Then you hear a "snap" and know that it is closed.
The re-close mechanism is made ​​of PET.

A new and clever closing detail to an already successful packaging, which has previously been awarded. Easy to open and close, is good for weak hands and functions to reduce food waste. It is the impression of the jury that the idea is a step in the right direction. The solution is functional in combination with a minimum use of material. Clever and simple - well done!

Grilstad table packaging with screw lid

Product: Grilstad table packaging with screw lid

Producer: RPC Superfos
Design: RPC Superfos
User: Grilstad AS

Consumer-friendly packaging for salami. The package appears with good quality, both physically and visually, and there should be sufficient in sight. This in combination with demands for foodstuffs and oxygen barrier, meant that we ended up with a plastic cup with in-mold labeling (IML). IML is resistant - both against cold and moisture. There is no risk of it coming off, as it is molded into the plastic. Made of injection-molded PP with IML and EVOH barrier.

Well-known 'Cheese bell' solution, but now used in a new application which stands out clearly on the cold cut shelf. User-friendly with a good locking mechanism with clear click indication that gives the consumer peace of mind. The packaging is elegant and can be placed directly on the lunch table, and it has an oxygen barrier almost like a metal can. Consistent food packaging with high customer value.

All the winners on the podium after the price ceremony: