Winners 2011

Here you can see all the ScanStar 2011 winners from the competiition organized by Norway

See the 11 winners of this year ScanStar!

A total of 19 packages were submitted for consideration for this year ScanStar competition, 8 from Denmark, 3 from Finland and 8 from Norway. Our Swedish sister nation were unfortunately not represented this year.

The jury stated it’s delight at being able to award a total of 11 packages. The jury is also very pleased that the winning solutions together represent the entire breadth of the packaging application area. Among the winners are both specially developed transport packages for overseas transport and specialty packaging for security codes in internet trade. Also F-pack and D-pack for use in the general retail sector was very well represented.

All award winners were present at the award ceremony and received their ScanStar diplomas from Jury chairman, Kari Bunes, during the festive dinner at the Packaging Days in Sandefjord. She took the opportunity to emphasize that the criteria for achieving a ScanStar are strict, the distinction is given to packaging solutions that have a consistently very high level. She also called for active mobilization to get the Swedish packaging manufacturers and users back in the competition.

The following 11 happy winners can adorn themselves with a ScanStar:

Amcor E-Close

Winner: Amcor Flexibles
Producer: Amcor Flexibles                                                                                                                         
User: Arla Foods
Country: Denmark
Type of packaging: Consumer

Jury motivation:
The packaging solves a huge consumer desire in that it is easily possible to open and close repeatedly. Upon closing the packaging appears to be tight. Time after time. When the package is opened its cut surfaces are free from plastic residue. The packaging is distinguished primarily as user friendly and as a novelty

Room divider to 6 bottles of wine

Winner: CC & Co
Producer: CC & Co
User: Kjær Sommerfelt Vin
Country: Denmark
Type of pacakging: Transport-/distribution

Jury motivation:
The packaging seems deceptively simple, but the construction is clever. The solution is created as one subject, which makes it easier when packing. Same tools can be used for all corrugated cardboard qualities, making it cheaper to produce. The packaging accentuates within several of the evaluation criteria, but primarily within construction and environment.


Alu Cartridge Foam-pallet

Winner: SCA Packaging Flamingo
Producer: SCA Packaging Flamingo
User: Amminex
Country: Denmark
Type of packaging: Tansport-/distribution

Jury motivation:
The packaging solves a challenging overseas transport of aluminum containers filled with gas. The pallet is integrated into the transport packaging and can be used in transportation both ways. Significant volume and weight savings compared to previous solution provides proven environmental benefits. The packaging covers all evaluation criteria, but stands out especially on environment and usability.

Aluminium tray Tibon®

Winner: Plus Pack
Producer: Plus Pack
User: Industrial kitchens and consumers
Country: Denmark
Type of packaging: Consumer

Jury motivation:
The packaging is made using a new patented technology with experience from another area and can be heated with substantially less energy than other similar packaging. The solution enables faster and safer heat treatment, which can benefit both consumers and food producers! The packaging accentuates primarily in terms of the environment and as an interesting novelty.


Winner: Superfos
Producer: Superfos
Userer: The food industry
Country: Denmark
Type of packaging: Consumer

Jury motivation:
The packaging is approaching a perfect cup by including some of the characteristics we find in the combination glass/metal in a pure plastic packaging, such as the excellent barrier properties and the precise opening/closing mechanism. The packaging is stackable and have good surfaces for graphic exposure / viewing of the product. The packaging has all the expected elements in it, but excels particularly in usability.

F-secure; Internet security 2011

Winner: SOLVER palvelut/ Pyroll Group
Producer: SOLVER palvelut/ Pyroll Group
User: F-secure
Country: Finland
Type of packaging: other packaging

Jury motivation:
The packaging ingeniously solves packaging of a security product that were previously wrapped in plastic. The solution is as clever as convenient, provides good protection and is easy to open. In addition, the material and energy use is reduced compared to previous solution. The packaging uniqueness is primarily the novelty value and usability.

Food trays for fresh shrimp in brine

Winner: Smurfit Kappa Norpapp
Producer: Smurfit Kappa Norpapp
User: Lyngen Reker
Country: Norway
Type of packaging: Transport-/distribution

Jury motivation:
The packaging stands out as an example of that well-functioning solutions can be made even better. The previous EPS bottom is replaced with fiber and this contributes to the package being significantly smaller when folded. The number of pallets from packaging manufacturer to customer is more than halved. The box is also smaller in its upright state, in addition, trade gets a mono material into the store. This packaging feature is special within environment.

Molift Smart

Winner: Peterson Emballasje Sykkylven
Producer: Peterson Emballasje Sykkylven
User: Molift Group
Country: Norway
Type of packaging: Transport-/distribution  

Jury motivation:
The packaging protects a valuable product in the B2B market. The solution with custom made inserts simplifies the packing process and makes the product more stable during transport. The packaging stands out especially in the environmental and usability.

D-pack for bag mayonnaise in slotted cardboard

Winner: Mills
Producer: Peterson Emballasje Sarpsborg
User: Mills
Country: Norway
Type of packaging: Transport-/distribution

Jury motivation:
The packaging takes care of a huge product in the grocery trade, where small improvements often can have a major impact. The packaging saves material, one box unit less in the distribution, simplifies and saves time in the shop and provides good exposure. The packaging appears to be user-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Bag-in-box for juice concentrate and juice

Winner: Glomma Papp
Producer: Glomma Papp
User: Slagberga Foods & Beverage
Country: Norway
Type of packaging: Consumer

Jury motivation:
The solution is a clear and visible improvement of a known packaging. The handle is part of the package itself, tapping can be done in both horizontal and vertical position. The packaging is designed for standard packing machine solution, which makes it easier for small-scale producers to get started and the construction of 8-edges for better stacking strength though the corrugated cardboard quality is reduced. All this is integrated in a single cutting, this is astoundingly clever! The packaging accentuates within several of the evaluation criteria, but primarily on usability and the environment.

D-pack and display packaging for chocolate

Winner: Peterson Emballasje Sarpsborg
Producer: Peterson Emballasje Sarpsborg
User: Brynild Gruppen
Country: Norway
Type of packaging: Transport-/distribution

Jury motivation:
The packaging is a very good documentation of what can be achieved in close cooperation between manufacturer and customer. It is optimization at every stage, and the result shows that the exposure of products in the store is improved. Impressive. The distinction of the packaging is holistic thinking with optimization as a result.