Practical information

ScanStar 2017 is organized by The Finnish Packaging Association

Entry for ScanStar 2017

An entry form describing each entered packaging product must be sent before 7th June 2017 to Finnish Packaging Association.

Each entry must be sent in in three specimens: One of them should be filled (if possible) and the other two should be empty. Each entry must be followed by a description and supported by photos and brochures on an USB-stick or similar giving information about the packaging and its application.

The packaging itself must be received by Finnish Packaging Association 14th June 2017 (Finnish Packaging Association, Ritarikatu 3 b A 2, 00170 Helsinki, Finland). marked "ScanStar".

The entries must be custom cleared with no costs for the receiver.

Further information

For specific information, feel free to contact the packaging associations/institutes in each country:

Norwegian Packaging Association (Norway)
Tel. +47 22 121 760, fax +47 22 121 761

Intressentföreningen Packforsk, Innventia AB  (Sweden)
Telefon: +46  8 676 7000

Islands Håndverks- og Industriförbund (Island)
Tel. +354 5 515 500, fax +354 5 515 532

Danish Technological Institute, Packaging and Logistics (Denmark)
Tel. +45 72 20 31 50, fax +45 72 20 31 85

Finnish Packaging Association (Finland)
Tel. +358 40 5891 891